Chromebook Talsyntes i Kioskläge

As of December 12, 2023 the text-to-speech function for Chromebooks in kioskmode was altered by Google to no longer include standard language packs. This means most languages and voices (except for English and French) in text-to-speech are no longer supported for any kiosk applications.

We will be looking into alternative solutions, but in the meanwhile we recommend one of two options:

1. Using Immersive reader instead (which includes a text-to-speech function).

Previously it was possible to roll back the operating system version for Chromebooks. This may still be possible for your organization, but the last supported operating system version was ChromeOS 118. The guide below demonstrates how to configure your managed Chromebook environment to roll out an earlier version of ChromeOS that still includes the standard language packs. This will allow you to continue using Digiexam as a kiosk application with the standard languages available for text to speech if you are able to roll back to version 118.


Step 1: Enter your Google Admin Workspace environment

Navigate to https://admin.google.com/. Here you should choose "Devices" and then select  the "Chrome" section of your navigation menu to the left.

chromeos 1.png

figure 1

Step 2: Change settings for Chromebook devices

Select "Settings" from the navigation menu to the left. After this choose "Device Settings" from the tab menu in the section to the right.

After doing so you can navigate to the "Device Update Settings" section for Chromebook devices in your organization.

chromeos 2.png

figure 2


Then choose "Auto-update settings" from this section.

chromeos 3.png

figure 3

Step 3: Allow updates & roll back the operating system for devices

Make sure that "allow updates" is selected from the auto-update settings.


Change the target version to version 118* as this is the version where text-to-speech where all standard language packs are available.

Lastly, alter the roll back settings for the target version so that it will roll back the operating system.

chromeos 4.png

figure 4

This will push out the version you selected.

chromeos 5.png

figure 5


Save these settings to complete the roll out of the operating system to all devices.

figure 6


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