Installationsguide - Canvas LMS

Note! If the app is added by searching for Digiexam in Canvas and adding it with the preset, it will only work if your organization is on the EU server. Please follow this guide for the correct integration settings for the US server (it works for EU as well).



1. Login to your account and go to the admin view (figure 1)

Figure 1



2. Choose the school you wish to set up the integration for (figure 2 for example).

Figure 2



3. Go to Settings (figure 3).

Figure 3



4. Go to the Apps tab (figure 4).

Figure 4



5. Click on the Add App button (figure 5).

Figure 5



6. Choose By URL as Configuration Type (figure 6).

Figure 6



7. Login to your Digiexam account as account manager and go to the Integrations tab (figure 7).

Figure 7



8. Click on the Enable LTI integration button (figure 8).

Figure 8



9. Copy the values in Digiexam for: OAuth Consumer Key, OAuth Secret Key and XML URL (figure 9) and paste them in the canvas form as shown in figure 10, then click on the button Submit in the canvas form.

Figure 9


Figure 10



10. Now you should be able to see Digiexam under your external apps (figure 11).

Figure 11



11. Switch to a teacher account and go to a course on the school that the Digiexam LTI integration has been activated on, click on Digiexam that should be visible in the left-hand course menu (figure 12).

Figure 12



12. If the teacher doesn't already have an account in Digiexam that is registered with the teacher's e-mail address you should now be able to click on the Log in button (figure 13).

Figure 13



13. Now click on Launch Digiexam (figure 14).

Figure 14



14. You should now be sent to the overview in Digiexam (figure 15).

Figure 15


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