Installationsguide - Sakai LMS

OBS! Den här guiden är för närvarande endast tillgänlig på engelska.

1. Login to your account and go to "Worksite Setup" (see figure 1)

Figure 1

2. Choose the worksite you wish to setup an integration for.

3. Go to "Site Info" and click on "External Tools" (see figure 2)

2.pngFigure 2

4. Click on "Install LTI 1.x Tool" in the top-right corner (see figure 3).

3.pngFigure 3

5. The following settings are needed:

  • Tool title
  • Button Text (Text in tool menu)
  • Launch URL
    • Europe: https://app.digiexam.com/lti/launch?launchType=contentitem
    • USA: https://app-us.digiexam.com/lti/launch?launchType=contentitem
  • Launch Key - can be found in Digiexam using this guide
  • Launch Secret - can be found in Digiexam using this guide
  • Privacy Settings
    • Check -> Send User Names to External Tool
    • Check -> Send Email Addresses to External Tool
  • Services
    • Check -> Allow External Tool to return grades
    • Check -> Allow External Tool to create grade columns
    • Check -> Provide Roster to External Tool
    • Check -> Allow External Tool to store setting data
  • Indicate the following types of Content Item/Deep Link Selection launches this tool can handle. Not all tools can handle types of launches. If you enable a tool which is not capable of responding to a particular request, it will likely fail when you try to use it.
    • Allow external tool to configure itself (the tool must support the IMS Content-Item or Deep-Link message)


6. You should now be able to see Digiexam as a tool in your site info (see figure 4, the tool is named Digiexam)

Figure 4

 You can now use Digiexam as a tool in your "Assignments" or "Lessons".






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