Schedule an exam

In this step-by-step guide, we will go through the process of scheduling an exam so that it can start on a start date & time, either by using an exam ID or by connecting the exam to a group.



Schedule an exam

An exam can be scheduled in 2 ways, by exam ID or group:

  • Use exam ID means that a unique code for the exam is created and the student enters the code in their Digiexam client to be able to start the exam.
  • Choose group means that the teacher creates a group/class and links a test to that group. The exam automatically appears in the students' Digiexam client.


Schedule an exam with an exam ID

1. Go to your exam library by clicking on the Exams tab in the left toolbar (figure 1).

Screenshot_2023-02-28_at_12.21.31_framed__1_.pngFigure 1



2. Locate the exam you wish to schedule and select the green Schedule button (figure 2).

Screenshot_2023-02-28_at_12.21.49_framed__2_.pngFigure 2



3. Enter the date and time you would like the exam to start. Select Use exam ID and select the green Schedule exam button (figure 3).


Figure 3



4. Take note of the exam ID. Students will need to enter the exam ID into the Digiexam client to start their exam (figure 4).


Figure 4



5. The exam will automatically start at the scheduled time. Select the green Ok button (figure 5.5).


Figure 5.5



5. The exam will now be listed the Ongoing tab. (figure 6).


Figure 6


Schedule an exam using Group

Information about how to create a group can be found in our guide Create groups.

If you want to schedule the exam using Group ID you follow the steps 1-2 above and change the start date and start time of the exam. Then choose Group. (figure 7)

Figure 7


When you have chosen what group the exam should be scheduled to, you then click Schedule exam (figure 8).

Figure 8



You get a confirmation that the exam has been scheduled and what date, time and to which group. The exam is now being moved from the Exam library to the tab Scheduled.

Figure 9


The students connected to the group and class which you have added are the only ones that can start this exam. Make sure that they have logged in with the same student code as you have added in the group. The exam will automatically show up in the Digiexam client when the exam starts for the students in the group. (figure 10)



Figure 10


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