How do I allow my students to use spell check on an exam?


Allow spell check for all students in a specific exam

1. Go to your exam library and click on "Edit" for the exam that you wish to enable spell check for (figure 1).


Figure 1


2. To allow spell check for all students taking this exam, choose "All students" under the "Allow spell check for" heading (figure 2).

Figure 2



Allow spell check for one or more individual students

1. First you need to allow the specific student(s) to use spell check. Select "Students" in the left-hand menu (figure 4).

Figure 4


2. Search for and click on the student that you wish to allow spell check for (figure 5).

Figure 5


3. Verify that you have selected the correct student, check the box next to the "Allow spell check for this student", and click on the "Save" button (figure 6).

Figure 6


4. The student will be able to use spell check for all exams in your whole organization/school when the spell check feature is set to "Only selected students" in the exam "Edit" view (figure 7).

Figure 7


Turn off spell check for everyone taking your exam

If you don't want any student using spell check during your exam, set the spell check feature to "None" (figure 8).

Figure 8



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