Student Profiles

Student profiles can help teachers monitor student progress and growth. It also allows teachers to add Accessibility settings for the student.

Note! In order for the accessibility settings to be valid during an exam, the settings should have been activated before the student starts the exam. If the accessibility settings need to changed during an ongoing exam, there's a guide on how to do that (click here get to jump to that part).


Find students

To view a student profile, click on Students on the left-hand column.

Figure 1


Then search for a student by entering their first and last name.

Figure 2


Student Information

When viewing the student profile, you will see the student's log in information/credentials, which includes the student's name, school, student code, email address and when the account was created.


Accessibility Settings

After the student information, there is a section labelled: "Accessibility settings". By checking the different boxes you can choose what settings the student should have. The only exception is if the teacher that creates the exam chooses the option "No students" to use this accessibility settings. In order for these settings to be valid during an ongoing exam, the settings must have been activated before the student starts an exam.


Figure 3


If you realize that correct settings are not activated during an ongoing exam, there are 2 option:

Option 1. (Better in cases when there are more students, and the settings should apply in the future as well)

  1. Ask the student to hand in the exam.
  2. Activate the accessibility settings as required (follow the steps above).
  3. Unlock the exam for the student (guide).
  4. Then the student can start the exam again.

Option 2. (Better in cases when it's for a single case and fewer students. USB-stick is required).

  1. Download the offline-file on a USB-stick.
  2. Click on the gear wheel on the top left corner Insta_llningar.png on the student's computer while the exam is ongoing.
  3. Plug in the USB-stick containing the offline-file on the student's computer.
  4. The accessibility settings show up and could be activated as required.


Exam Results

Under the heading exams you will see a list of all the exams the student has taken.  If you have published the results to the student, you can click on view result. This will pull up whatever portion or portions of the exam you published to the student, including their scores and your annotations.

Studentprofiles__4_.pngFigure 4



Under the heading abilities you can select a particular rubric and monitor how the student has been performing on each ability within that rubric. You will be able to see what grade they earned on which exam and question number. This can help teachers monitor the student's progress on a particular skill or objective over time.

Studentprofiles__5_.pngFigure 5


Figure 6



Figure 7


The final heading, labelled classes, lists which classes the student is enrolled in within your organization.


Figure 8

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