External Tools - Teams Folder & File Sharing

It is possible to share a MS Teams folder and/or files with students in a locked assignment in Digiexam. This requires that you as the teacher or administrator configure the specific folder and file sharing permissions in your Teams environment. Links that are eventually shared with students are only available from within the assignment in Digiexam unless they are shared with students outside of that environment. If you are uncertain of how to handle sharing permissions please contact your administrator or academic technologies specialist at your organization to assist you with this configuration.

Step 1: Navigate to Your Teams Group or Class

Navigate to your Teams Group or Class where you have saved files that should be shared with students that are going to work with an assignment or test in Digiexam. These groupings should be located on the lefthand side of your Teams app (see figure 1).

External Tools - Teams folders 1.png

figure 1

Step 2: Select Files to Access Files and Folders in the Group or Class

Clicking on "Files" will open up the folder structure within the group or class you have selected (see figure 2).

External Tools - Teams folders 2.png

figure 2

Note that sharing folders and files requires you to configure permissions. This will be explained in step 3, but it is important to understand that sharing a folder will also share all items within that folder.

Step 3: Share Files or Folders

Choose the sharing icon that displays to the right of the file or folder you are going to share (see figure 3). This sharing icon will open a window that asks you to configure sharing permissions. If students should not alter files or folders make sure you choose the "view only" option. In the event you have questions about sharing folders or files please contact your MS Teams admin or academic technologies specialist at your organization.

External Tools - Teams folders 3.png

figure 3

Once you have configured the sharing permissions make sure you click "copy link" (see figure 4). This copied link will be used in Step 4.

External Tools - Teams folders 4.png

figure 4

Step 4: Use Sharing Link(s) in Exam Design

You can now use the copied link from Step 3 with a configured External Tool in Digiexam or by using the "add media" function connected to a question in the assignment you are creating in Digiexam. In the event you need assistance with creating an external tool please consult our knowledge center article.

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