Installation guide - Mac

Download the DigiExam client by clicking here

1. When the download has finished, go to the place where you downloaded DigiExam (e.g. a folder called downloads) and open the file. The file will be named: "DigiExam [version number]" for example "DigiExam 10.0.4"

2. When you have opened the installation file you should see the same box that is shown in figure 1 below. To install DigiExam, drag and drop the DigiExam icon to your Applications folder (see figure 1).

Figure 1

2. Open the DigiExam client by clicking on the DigiExam icon in the Applications folder. The first time you open the program, you may get the following message that can be seen in figure 2 below.

Figure 2

3. If you get this or a similar message, please follow the instructions below (from 3.1 and onwards) in order to allow DigiExam to function correctly on your computer. If you didn’t get this message, DigiExam is ready to be used. See the guide "Write an exam with DigiExam" for more information.

3.1 Click on "System Preferences..." (see figure 4)

Figure 4

3.2 Click on “Security & Privacy” (figure 5)

Figure 5

3.3 Unlock the view by clicking the lock (figure 6)

Figure 6

3.4 Enter your credentials for the operating system to be able to change the settings (figure 7)

Figure 7

3.5 Change the settings to “Anywhere” and click on “Allow from anywhere” (figure 8)

Figure 8

3.6 Now you should be able to open DigiExam by clicking on the DigiExam icon. Choose “Open” if you get the following message (figure 9)

Figure 9

3.7 Go back to step 3.5 and change the settings back to your original choice if you no not want to keep your Mac open to allow apps from “Anywhere”. 

Great! You are now ready to use DigiExam!

Click here to see the guide for writing an exam with DigiExam

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