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Welcome to Digiexam. Here you will find everything you need as a student to get started with the Digiexam client, including a checklist of hardware and software requirements. 

As a student you will write your exams in the Digiexam client. You do not need to create an account before taking exams, you just enter credentials in the client and write your exam. What credentials you should use is usually provided by the school, so ask your teacher if you are unsure of what to use.
To see our guide on how to take an exam in the client, click here. 



Download the Digiexam client

Chromebook | iPad | Mac | Windows


It is important for you to know that when an exam is in progress, your answers are autosaved every 10 seconds both to Digiexam's servers and also locally on your device. In case your device crashes or freezes, the exam can easily be restored without the risk of losing any of your work.

After the exam has been handed in, you can log into your account through the Digiexam web application by clicking here, there you can view you results when the exams are published. 

If you need access to text to speech then you can learn how to use it by clicking here, in order to use text to speech, a teacher must allow you specifically or everyone in an exam to use it. 


Choose region

Ask a Digiexam administrator at your school/university if you do not know which region to choose.

Screenshot_2022-12-27_at_13.10.56_framed__1_.pngFigure 1



Figure 2


When you are logged in, you can see a summary of the exams you have taken with Digiexam, as well as your exam results that your teacher has published.

So, remember:

  • Exams are started, written and handed in using the Digiexam client.
  • A summarized view of your exams can be found by logging in to your Digiexam account.


Installation guides: Click here
System requirements: Click here



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