Archive exams and rubrics

At the moment it’s not possible to completely delete an exam or a rubric in Digiexam but we are working on adding this feature. Removing an exam/rubric from your library today is possible using the archive button. Archiving an exam or rubric means that it won’t be available in your library anymore. Instead, you find it in your Archive. It is possible to restore an archived exam/rubric if needed.




To archive an exam or rubric, you click on the arrow to the right of the title and choose Archive.



It is possible to reuse an exam. This is recommended if you consider your archive too crowded.

To reuse an exam, go to your Exam library and chose the Edit button to the right. And then you just change all the details on the exam and press save.


If you archive an exam by mistake, it’s easy to restore the exam. If you restore the exam it will be located under the same tab in your Exam library as it’s status is set on(graded, ungraded etc).




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