Write exam over time

To let students write an exam over time (for example an essay) you as a teacher keep the exam as active after your student has handed in their exam.

After the students has handed in their exam the exam will be locked - the students are not able to access the exam.

When it’s time for the students to continue with the exam, go to “Ongoing” exams and click on the “unlock” button on the far right of the students names or click Unlock all if all the students are going to continue writing in the exam. That will enable the students to start the exam again.




If you ended the exam you can open it again by going to the exam, you will find it under the tabs “Graded” or “Ungraded” depending on your exam settings, and then click on the arrow on the far right side of the exam title. A menu will appear, choose “Monitor”. After that you will end up at the monitor view, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will find the “Start exam” button. After you’ve started the exam you need to unlock all of the students again as mentioned above.

Note: DigiExam does not yet fully support the ability to write exams over time. We don’t recommend grading until the exam is finished, otherwise there is a risk that your work gets lost.

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