Restore answers that did not hand in

If a student appears offline in the Monitor View, it can depend on several things. For example that the student has got disconnected from the internet, the computer got turned off, the student closed the computer without handing in the answers, the teacher ended the exam before all students had handed in the exam and such.

To restore the student's latest answers, the following steps need to be done on the same device (Computer or iPad) as the student wrote the exam:

  1. The student should close Digiexam, restart or hard restart the device (the answers will not be lost).

  2. The teacher unlocks the exam för the student in the Monitor View or with a USB stick. Follow this guide.

  3. The student starts the exam again with the exactly same details (email and student code) as the first time (they're shown in the Monitor View if the student is not sure).

  4. The student can now continue writing or hand in the exam.
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