Use Digiexam as a notepad in a locked environment

You can let students use Digiexam as a note-taking tool in a locked-in mode.


Create an open free text question and let students use the writing surface as a notepad. In this way, students can take notes on their device, but in a locked mode where they do not have access to other applications / websites that can interfere with the task.





Create an exam with an open instruction and a free text question where students are given the opportunity for a writing surface.

Students complete the exam as usual, and their notes are published to them after the lesson. The Add Media to a Query feature allows you to allow external links in the locked mode.

By then publishing the students' notes to the student's account in Digiexam, you make their notes available from the review.



Tip: Do you want a coherent document? Unpublish and start the test again the next lesson, so they can access their previous answers and can continue to add notes in the locked writing surface


When the test is published, the student sees his notes on his account in Digiexam.



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