Use Geogebra in Digiexam

Digiexam offers the possibility to use the web application Geogebra as an external tool. Students can use the functionality offered in the web application but in a locked environment. 

The external tool needs to be added by an Account Manager before it's available for teachers to enable it in an exam. It's important that you test the external tool internally and verify that the feature offers the correct functionality.

We recommend the URL



Use Geogebra in an exam

The feature to allow Geogebra is allowed in the Exam settings under External tools. 



The teacher chooses the external tool to be allowed in the exam by clicking On



The URL for the external tools's already set by the Account Manager in the external tool settings, no additional URL is required.



Take an exam in Digiexam with an external tool

Students can start an external tool in the Digiexam client before entering the exam. The actual exam is started according to the normal procedure/routine and the external tool is available in the exam. 

Suggested steps:

1. A teacher allows the external tool to be used in an exam.

2. A teacher starts the exam according to the normal procedure/routine or by scheduling a start to receive an examID for the students to use. A scheduled exam provides an examID, but students can't start the exam until the scheduled time or the teacher starts the exam in the exam monitoring view.

3. The examID can be communicated to the students and they can find the exam by entering the examID in the Digiexam client. Note that external tools can be accessed before students start the exam.



The student enters the examID and can find the exam


4. The exam's taken with the external tool available in the Digiexam client. 



Students can access the external tool in the exam



Students can use the external tool in the exam




Link to the Account Manager role

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