Grading with a rubric and follow up on students abilities

A prerequisite for grading with rubrics is that you have already created a rubric and used it in an exam. 



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Rubrics in the grading view

When you are in the grading view of an exam with a rubric, you can compare the student's text on each question with the abilities of the rubric. If you want to see all the abilities and grades you set in the rubric, you can press the Show rubric button, you can also see the grades' requirements if you hold your cursor over a grade of the ability (Figure 1).

rubric.pngFigure 1


Even if you choose a grade that the student has fulfilled on the ability, you must also enter a grade in the field "Summarized assessment" in order for the question to be counted as graded. There you can write anything, for example a grade that is in between two grades included in the rubric, like A- in this case.

Once you have graded all the questions and go to "Final result" in the list on the right you will get an overview of all the questions, the grades that you entered and what grades of the abilities in the rubric that the student fulfilled. Here you can assess what the student's final result should be and give feedback to the student (Figure 2).


Figure 2


Follow-up of the student's abilities 

If you look up a student, either by searching in the "students" tab or by finding the student's class in the "groups" tab (figure 3), you can press the student's name to enter a follow-up view of the student. 

Figure 3


In this view you can see which exams the student has written, how the student has performed in the abilities that your rubrics measure and which classes the student belongs to. Note that teachers can only see their own exams, rubrics and classes, while administrators can see all of the exams, rubrics and classes. 

Underneath the heading "Abilities" you can press the empty box underneath "Select rubric" and choose any rubric that you want to see how well the student has performed on. Here you can see what grade on that ability the student has fulfilled on a question and in which exam. If you want to see the requirements for the different grades of the abilities in the rubric, you can press the Show rubric button (Figure 4).

Figure 4



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