Create a Digiexam account & log in

Create an account & log in

To get started with Digiexam, you will need to create your account. If you are a member of an organization that has paid for Digiexam, you will receive an invitation via email. The invitation is sent out by an Account manager at your school. Click on the link to accept the invitation and create an account. You may receive an account invitation for a teacher, account manager, or administrator role. If you are unsure of the role definitions, you can read more here.

If you're only interested in trying Digiexam, you can send us a demo request here and we will contact you shortly.

If you already have a Digiexam account, log in here


Choose region

Ask a Digiexam administrator at your school if you do not know which region to choose (figure 1).

Figure 1


After logging in, you will be taken to the "Overview" page (see figure 2).

Screenshot_2022-12-27_at_13.17.25_framed__2_.pngFigure 2

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