Start an exam


Once you have saved an exam, it will be added to your exam library.  You can find your exam library under the Exams tab in the left toolbar (figure 1).


Figure 1



Start an exam

An exam can be started in 2 ways, by exam ID or group:

  • Use exam ID means that a unique code for the exam is created and the student enters the code in their Digiexam client to be able to start the exam.
  • Choose group means that the teacher creates a group/class and links a test to that group. The exam automatically appears in the students' Digiexam client.


Use exam ID

1. Go to your exam library by clicking on the Exams tab in the left toolbar (figure 2).


Figure 2


2. Locate the exam you wish to start and select the green Start button (figure 3).


Figure 3


3. Choose Use exam ID and select the green Start exam now button (figure 4).


Figure 4


4. Take note of the exam ID. Students will need to enter the exam ID into the Digiexam client to start their exam (figure 5).


Figure 5


It is recommended that instructors always download the offline exam file and save it to a USB drive in case a student can’t connect to the internet. For information on how to use offline files, please see our guide Exam offline files.



5. Select the green Ok button (figure 6).


Figure 6



5. The exam will now be listed in the Ongoing exams tab. (figure 7).


Figure 7



Choose group

Information about how to create a group can be found in our guide Create groups.

When starting or scheduling an exam you can choose a group of students that will be allowed to write the exam, the students will not have to enter the exam ID to start the exam.


1. Start or schedule an exam from the library, then check the box Choose Group (figure 8).

Figure 8


2. An empty box will appear, click on the box and choose a class that you have created (figure 9).


Figure 9



3. Click on Start exam now and then choose if you want to download the offline exam file of the exam or not, then press Ok (figure 10). The students can now see the exam in the client. 


Figure 10



Offline exam file

When you start an exam, you can also download the offline exam file. The offline exam file must be copied to a USB memory and with that file, you can start the exam on a student's computer and submit the exam for students who for some reason cannot submit the exam online.

1. Download the offline file to a USB stick from the exam overview.
2. Open Digiexam on the student's computer and click the hamburger icon above the login screen.



Click Start exam from USB


3. Insert the USB memory into the student's computer.
4. Start the exam.
5. You can remove the USB memory as soon as the exam has started.

Link to article: Exam offline files.


Student view

The teacher account also has a student account linked to it. Download the Digiexam client and enter your details (use your email as student code).

Link to article: Take an exam with Digiexam.


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