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Once you have saved an exam, it will be added to your exam library.  You can find your exam library under the "Exams" tab in the left toolbar (see figure 4.1).

Screen_Shot_2017-06-05_at_3.36.33_PM.pngFigure 4.1


There are a few different options for how you can start your exam:

1. Instantly start an exam using an Exam ID

2. Schedule an exam using an Exam ID

3. Instantly start an exam for a specific group of students

4. Schedule an exam for a specific group of students 


Instant start with an exam ID

1. Go to your exam library by clicking on the "Exams" tab in the left toolbar (see figure 4.2).

Screen_Shot_2017-06-05_at_3.36.33_PM.pngFigure 4.2


2. Locate the exam you wish to start and select the green "start" button (see figure 4.3).

Screen_Shot_2017-06-05_at_3.36.49_PM.pngFigure 4.3


3. Choose "Use exam ID" and select the green "Start exam now" button (see figure 4.4).


Figure 4.4


4. Take note of the exam ID. Students will need to enter the exam ID into the DigiExam client to start their exam (see figure 4.5).


Figure 4.5


It is recommended that instructors always download the offline exam file and save it to a USB drive in case a student can’t connect to the internet. For information on how to use offline files, follow this guide.

5. Select the green "ok" button (see figure 4.6).


Figure 4.6


5. The exam will now be listed in the "Ongoing" exams tab. (see figure 4.7).

Screen_Shot_2017-06-05_at_3.37.27_PM.pngFigure 4.7

Starting an exam for a group

When starting or scheduling an exam you can choose a group of students that will be allowed to write the exam, the students will not have to enter the exam ID to start the exam. 

Information about how to create a group can be found here. 

1. Start or schedule an exam from the library, then check the box for "choose group".

Figure 5.1

2. An empty box will appear, click on the box and choose a class that you have created. 

Figure 5.2

3. Click on "Start exam now" and then choose if you want to download the offline exam file of the exam or not, then press "Ok". The students can now see the exam in the client. 

Figure 5.3

What do students need to know before using DigiExam? Click here to view our student checklist.


To learn how to schedule an exam click here.

To monitor students click here




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