Checklist for Administrators

This is an example of a checklist that can be used when preparing to use Digiexam.

Information for

Make sure that you have sent all necessary information to students so that they are able to use Digiexam successfully.  Most importantly, make sure students have downloaded the Digiexam client onto their device and know which email they should enter when taking their exams. 

Below are the manuals and getting started guides for students:

Swedish: Studenter
English: Students

Schedule your exam

If you would like to schedule your exam for a specific date and time, and assign the exam to a specific group of students, use the instructions in the "schedule planned exam" support guide by clicking here.

In order for students to access a planned exam within the Digiexam client, you will need to make sure they know the student code that is associated with their account.

If you would like to activate an exam that students can access immediately, use the instructions in the "start exam" support guide by clicking here.

In order for students to access an opened exam within the Digiexam client, you will need to make sure they know the Exam ID that is associated with the exam.

Before beginning an exam it is encouraged that you have downloaded the offline exam file to a USB drive in the event of lost internet connection. This ensures that students will be able to start and hand in exams even if they cannot connect to the internet.  It is also suggested that you print out some paper copies of the exam so that students can complete it with pen and paper if they prefer.

Prepare for grading

Once students have handed in their exams you will need to end the exam in order to begin grading.  

  • You can find active exams by clicking on the "overview" button on the left menu. Find and select the exam you would like to end under the "Active exams" heading.
  • After selecting an exam you will be taken to "live view" where you are able to see who has started and handed in. You can also change a student's status and mark them as absent, offline, or traditional (for those taking the exam using pen and paper). You can print out this screen for your records by selecting the "print" button.
  • To end the exam, click on the green "end exam" button. Choose the "end the exam and go to grading" option. Type "I understand" in the text box, and press the "Yes, end the exam" button.
  • Upload any offline answer files at this time.

Invitations to co-grade or share grading work

  • Administrators are able to send invitations to share grading work for exams within their organization.
  • Select the exam you would like to share under the "ungraded exams" heading. Click on the "share grading work" button.
  • Enter the email address of the teacher(s) you would like to share grading work with.  Select which questions and students you would like to share, and click on the green "share grading work" button.
  • Grading assessments within the Digiexam platform saves teachers and administrators time.  However, if teachers prefer to grade using paper and pencil they are able to use the print function to print out the exam questions and student answers.

Sending feedback to students

  • After assessments have been corrected in the Digiexam client, the results can be published to students.  Click on the "Publish" button and select what information you would like to make viewable to students.  Choose whether or not you would like students to receive an email when their exam results have been published. Click on the green "publish results" button when finished.
  • Administrators can revisit the graded exam at any time, and select the "unpublish" button if they no longer want the students to have access to certain questions/results.
  • Results can be downloaded onto an excel spreadsheet by selecting the "download grades spreadsheet" button.  The spreadsheet will include final results and the scores for each question for every student that completed the exam using the Digiexam client.

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