Checklist for Administrators

This is an example of a checklist that can be used when preparing to use Digiexam.

Information to

Be sure to post information on the course site indicating that the exam will be taken using Digiexam, and if possible, email the information to students registered for the exam.

Below are two links to manuals and "getting-started" guides for students:

Swedish and English


Preparation for a Schedule Exam

NOTE! Do not forget to include a printed exams as an alternative even when using Digiexam. This will ensure that all students can take the exam even if a student forgets their computer and cannot write digitally.


Setting up the exam in Digiexam

  • Click on "Exams" in Digiexam's navigation menu to the left.
  • Click on "+ Create new Exam" in the exam library - Choose "Score based grading"
  • Fill in the title and subject fields with the appropriate information (e.g. course number and term as the title, and the course name as the subject). Add a description if desired.
  • Create questions by clicking on the "Add question" button at the bottom of the screen. You can copy and paste text from existing documents (e.g. Word, Pages, PDF) or manually enter text to generate questions, cover pages or information that students will see when writing their exam.
  • Once all the questions are added, click the "Save" button to confirm that the exam will be placed in your exam library.

Create a class and add students who have registered for an exam

  • Click on "Create new class" in "Groups"
  • Enter the class name
  • Add the students who have registered for the exam to the class, either one by one or all at once by copying them from an Excel file.
    Guide: add students from an Excel file

Create the course instance in Digiexam

  • Click on "Create subject (course)"
  • Enter the course name, for example, the course code and period.
  • Link the class (registration list) to the course by dragging and dropping the class into the designated box marked with "Drag class here" (figure 1).


Figur 1


Activate an exam in Digiexam

  • Click on "Schedule" for the exam you intend to activate from the exam library, and specify a start time. Select the group (figure 2).


Figure 2

  • You can choose to schedule the exam's start date and start time. The exam will automatically start at the specified time, and the students in the class will be able to access the exam from their installed Digiexam app.

  • Select "Yes" to download the offline file for the exam and transfer it to a USB drive, so that you can start the exam offline if any student does not have an internet connection. If you did not select to download the offline file, you can click on the class on the course instance in the "Scheduled" view, then click on the arrow and select "Download offline file." See Figure 3 below.


Figure 3

  • Please note that it is crucial to have the offline file ready on a USB drive during the examination session. This file serves as both a startup file in case of an internet outage and as an unlocking key for unforeseen events (such as a computer freezing or similar event).

A more detailed guide to scheduling exams also exists in our knowledge center.

In order for students to access a planned exam within the Digiexam client, you will need to make sure they know the student code that is associated with their account.

If you would like to activate an exam that students can access immediately, use the instructions in the "start exam" support guide by clicking here.

In order for students to access an opened exam within the Digiexam client, you will need to make sure they know the Exam ID that is associated with the exam.


Prepare for grading

Ending an exam

  • When students have submitted their exams, the exam should be concluded so that the grading process can begin. Click on the ongoing exam or "Exam" in the menu. Under the "Ongoing" section, find the exam session that needs to be concluded, then click on the exam's name, select "End exam," and confirm the conclusion by clicking "Yes, end the exam."
  • Upload any offline files if any students had needed to hand in via a USB.
  • Cross-check the list in the "Monitoring" view with the attendance list used in the exam room. The list of students in the "Monitoring" view is accessible by clicking directly on the exam or the arrow and selecting "Monitor."


Figure 4

Invite for assessment

  • This can be done by the administrator who has access to the exam in Digiexam
  • Go to the exam and select "Share grading work...". Choose to mark the entire exam or individual questions/students (depending on whether one or multiple teachers will be grading the exam)
  • Enter the teacher's email address in the box under the text "Email address of the teacher you want to share with" and click the "Share grading work" button. The teachers who receive the grading share will be invited to grade the exam/question at the provided email address.
  • If the exam is to be graded manually, you can use the printing function in Digiexam to print the exam per student or per question. We strongly recommend that teachers who choose to offer their exams in Digiexam also grade digitally within Digiexam. This saves a significant amount of time for the administrator. An alternative for teachers who do not wish to grade digitally is for them to input the results in Digiexam or in an Excel file themselves.

Feedback to students (only if grading was completed in Digiexam)

  • Publishing: If the grading of the exam has been done in Digiexam, you can choose to Publish the results in digital format directly to the students' Digiexam accounts. This means that the exam, including any comments from the teacher, as well as the points/questions and grades, will be accessible to the students. There is an option to Unpublish the results if desired.
  • You as the teacher or administrator can choose what parts of the exam, marking or feedback will be published for the student. It is only then that students will be able to see their results.
  • Excel download: If the grading of the exam has been done in Digiexam, you can download the results in Excel format for all students who took the exam using Digiexam.


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