Accessibility settings in Digiexam

The available accessibility settings in the Digiexam lockdown application are listed here. The use of accessibility settings is set in the exam settings to apply for All, None or Only selected students in the exam.

  • Spell check
  • Text to speech
  • Immersive Reader
  • Extended time


Spell check

Allows students to activate spell check in all text questions. Supported languages: English (US, UK) and Swedish  

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Using spell check in Digiexam

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Text to speech

Allows students to highlight text in the exam (Questions and Written text) and have the text read out to them. Voice and language settings can be changed during an exam.

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Text To Speech - Students

Text To Speech - Mac/iPad

Text To Speech - Windows

Text To Speech - Chromebooks



Immersive Reader

Immersive Reader is a learning tool from Microsoft integrated into Digiexam that offers visual, grammatical and verbal reading support for questions and written text in an exam.

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Extended Time

For exams with a time limit for an automatic hand-in, students can be given extended time.

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